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Bequests to SVP up as charity nets €9m

THE amount received by St Vincent de Paul from bequests rose to nearly €9m in 2011, according to latest accounts.

New figures contained in the charity's published annual report for 2011 show that it received almost €17m in bequests in 2011 and 2010.

The charity received €8.9m in 2011 and €8m in 2010 from bequests.

A spokesman for the charity said: "Legacies and bequests are very important to SVP. They have accounted for 11pc of income over the last number of years."



The sharp increase in bequests comes against the background of increased demand on SVP's services – requests for assistance between 2009-2012 increased by over 100pc with SVP members now making approximately 8,000 visits per week.

The 2011 figures show that the charity's revenues totalled €79.9m – an increase of 9pc on the €73.2m generated in 2010.

The figures show that the charity's spend in 2011 was €78.3m compared to €74.3m in 2010. The charity recorded a surplus of €1.4m in 2011 compared to a €1.2m loss in 2010.

The charity remains cash rich, having €75.5m in the bank with net assets of €202m.

The spokesman said: "No precise figures are available yet for 2012, but our estimate is that donations may be down slightly. While support from the public has largely held up, there appears to have been a decrease in corporate donations."

Figures for 2011 show that there was a significant upsurge in donations from the public with revenues from donations increasing from €16.9m to €21.8m.

The charity experienced a drop in donations from Government departments and local authorities of around 10pc in 2011.

SVP's National Director Kieran Murphy received a salary of between €115,000 and €125,000 in 2011. One other employee earned between €105,000 to €115,000, with five earning between €75,000 and €85,000.