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Being obese will not be fixed quickly

There is no quick-fix to losing weight. If there was, we would all be slim.

Our survey today shows that one-in-five women have taken tablets in a bid to lose weight, and in fact it is not a phenomenon that is even limited to younger women.

Deep down, we all know that there is no substitute for regular exercise and controlling our calorie intake.

Short term weight loss cannot be maintained unless we have put the building blocks in place for long term results.

Many people will have been delighted in compliments about losing weight, only to see it creep back up again, because they did not change their lifestyle.

It is time for a shift in our attitudes. Being thin is not the be all and end all. It is about being healthy and fit.

Many of us need to make changes in our diets and lifestyle, but we are too lazy or not motivated. Instead we want the problem fixed without any effort. Let's change that.