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Being an actor is tough - Red Rock Liam

Liam Carney, known for his roles in Braveheart and Gangs of New York, has admitted it's tough being an actor when you have a family.

The Wexford-based Dubliner has six children and admits that the lack of job security can be difficult.

"It's tough when you have a family because it's a very erratic trade," he told the Herald. "Like any other business, you can be out of work for a while and then get four job offers at once.

"However, you can only take one because they all clash time-wise or for some other reason. It's hard sometimes to pick the right one and make the right decision."

Liam formerly played Kevin in Glenroe and now he's set to take on the role of Tommy Tyrell in TV3's Red Rock.

"It's nice to be working with some old friends and some new people," he said. "The scripts are great, I'm enjoying the storylines and I think it will gain momentum as it goes along."

Liam's character is married to Gda Sgt Angela Tyrell and her job causes tension between the couple.

"He finds his wife's job a strain as it can sometimes become a priority over family," said Liam.

"He's not a bad guy which is nice for me because I've predominantly played the bad guy."

Red Rocks airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30pm on TV3.