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Begging mum gave her baby's name to gardai

A YOUNG mother went begging with her baby in Dublin city centre after a falling out with her husband.

She then tried to give gardai her child's name when they arrested her, a court heard.

The north Co.Dublin woman (22) hurled abuse at officers as they took her into custody.

Judge Catherine Murphy put her on a peace bond for a year after she admitted the charges at Dublin District Court.

The accused pleaded guilty to using a child for the purposes of begging, causing a breach of the peace and giving gardai a false name in the incident at Nassau Street on October 17.

Garda Joe Lowney told the court that he went to the scene and found the defendant begging with her child.

It was an extremely cold night and when spoken to, the accused gave the garda the baby's name as her own.

On the night in question, the child was "well wrapped up" in a coat, hat and blanket, the defendant's lawyer said.

She was forced to beg because she was "not getting on with her husband", and could not leave the child at home.

The defendant had given the gardai her baby's name because she "panicked" and became abusive because she was not able to bring her pram into the patrol car, and because she had no money to buy a new one she felt "frustrated".

Judge Catherine Murphy said it was a "tremendous waste of taxpayers' money" that the case had been before the court 12 times and was only now being dealt with on a guilty plea.