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Beauty Karena bends 
towards LA move - not for silver screen


Karena Graham. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Karena Graham. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Karena Graham. Photo: Brian McEvoy

MODEL Karena Graham is taking a leaf out of fellow model Aoife Cogan's book by becoming a devotee of Pilates.

The super-fit beauty has said that while she's still busy modelling, she has turned her attentions towards a new passion.

"I'm focusing on the fitness side of things at the moment. I'm trying to get a Pilates qualification. It's a lot of hours but I'll get there," she said. "I absolutely love it, it just becomes addictive."

She said that ultimately, she would love to follow models like Tiffany Stanley and Roz Lipsett (above) out to LA to carve out a name for herself in America.

But unlike them, the 27-year-old has "zero interest" in acting - she said it would purely be to pursue her interest in fitness.

She has spent lots of time in the States - and would happily swap Dublin for California in a heartbeat.

"LA's my favourite place. I've been trying for a couple of years now to move out but it's not easy - I'll get there one day," she said.

"I could get a modelling visa but I want to separate myself from that. I definitely don't want to get into acting."

One of Ireland's top bikini models, she's not shy about showing off her fab figure in photo-shoots.

However, she says that she does have one or two days where she goes easy on herself.

"I give myself one cheat day. I would eat really healthily but you'd drive yourself mad if you couldn't have a cheat meal once or twice a week," she said. "It's everything in moderation. I think if you deprive yourself something, it makes you want it even more."

Just back from holiday in Portugal, stunning Karena also works as a hostess in Bucks Townhouse and says that the summer can be a slow time in the modelling industry.

Karena, who has been modelling since she was 12, has also dipped her toe in the music world in her early 20s.

"I've always been into music, and I've always done bits here and there, but I got this opportunity to work with someone in LA when I was 22," she added.

"They took me and got me vocal coaching, a recording place and a few songs. It was great. My parents were so happy for me. Obviously, they were a bit nervous, but I was with my friend who lives out there."

But she had to come home after problems with her visa - and still harbours ambitions to return there permanently one day.