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Beaumont battles vomiting bug with 300 hit... and rising

THE winter vomiting bug has gripped Beaumont Hospital -- with 300 people struck down. The Dublin hospital is now appealing to the public to restrict their visiting amid fears that virus could spread further.

The latest figures show 60 staff and over 240 patients have been hit by the bug.

Meanwhile, in Co Donegal, another three nursing home residents are showing signs of the flu that has killed six people.

At Beaumont Hospital, a spokesperson said they understood how keen people would be to visit relatives over the Easter weekend and how important this was to the well-being of patients.


The hospital only imposes visiting restrictions "when we are absolutely certain they are in the very best interests of patients".

He said that while the peak of the outbreak appeared to have passed, the restrictions "are still necessary" and only essential visits should be made.

"Even then, this is restricted to one visitor per patient and no children are allowed."

In the Nazareth House nursing home flu outbreak, in Co Donegal, there are now 14 residents in their 80s and 90s showing signs of the infection.

Last night a HSE team was still at the home investigating the deaths of six residents between March 22 and April 2. The house is closed to visitors.

Meanwhile the HSE has still to produce a final figure for the number of people on hospital outpatient waiting lists.

Figures for 30 of the country's hospitals show that almost 178,000 people are on the list, but the final figure is not yet known as several larger hospitals have still to report.