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Beatles fan opens museum

A brick from The Cavern Club, a cheque for £11 signed by Ringo Starr and an "authentic" Beatles wig.

These and thousands of other objects related to the Fab Four are luring Beatles fans to a new museum in Buenos Aires.

The museum is the product of the particular Beatlemania obsession of Rodolfo Vazquez, a 53-year-old accountant who became a fan at the age of 10.

NY playwright dies of cancer

Romulus Linney, a prolific playwright whose work ranged from stories set in Appalachia to the Nuremberg Trials, has died in New York aged 80.

Linney's wife Laura Callanan said the playwright died at his home in Germantown, New York, of lung cancer.

Linney, father of actress Laura Linney, wrote more than 30 plays that covered a number of subjects.

Drunks take horse home

A US state has unwittingly started a legal debate with an advertising campaign urging drinkers to get a lift home.

Montana's department of transportation issued a public safety video that features a horse picking up a rider at a bar.

It was intended as a metaphor to encourage drinkers to seek alternative transport. But it is being taken literally by some in a state well known for its horse culture.