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Beach being 'ruined' by raw sewage


Sewage at the bay

Sewage at the bay

Sewage at the bay

A SCENIC beach in Howth is being "ruined" by raw sewage.

A broken sewage pipe has been leaking onto the stony beach at Doldrum Bay for four years.

Local resident Patrick Jackson (right) has painted the pipe white so that it can be easily seen and he has also begun daily clean-ups.

He has been documenting his efforts with pictures (above).

"It's ruining what is really a gorgeous beach," he told the Herald.

"Toilet paper and other sanitary items can be seen along the beach as a result and it stinks.

"My goal is to be able to come here with my kids but it's not fit for public use at the moment.

"The historic outfall at this location while unacceptable is arising from a very small number of properties," an Irish Water spokesperson said.

"Irish Water is investigating a number of options to address this problem with Fingal County Council," they added.