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BBQ stabbing victim still in intensive care

ONE of the teenagers stabbed in a frenzied attack in Tallaght at the weekend is still in intensive care after surgery for his multiple wounds.

Top student Lee Harte (18) from the Donomore Estate, was at the birthday party of pal Jamie Tonner in nearby Deerpark Avenue, Kiltipper when he and four others were set upon early last Sunday.

Jamie, his dad James, as well as pals Kurtis Lennon, Stephen Keogh and Lee were all attacked viciously with a knife by a man who had been waiting outside the house.

It is understood that the suspect was finally overpowered by partygoers before gardai arrived at the scene.

The alleged attacker was treated in hospital for head injuries. He was later arrested and released without charge. A file is being prepared for the DPP on the matter.

It is believed the attack may have stemmed from noise allegedly coming from the Tonners' party.

When gardai arrived at the house they feared that two of the stabbing victims would die.

Jamie Tonner, Stephen Keogh and Kurtis Lennon all received treatment but were quickly removed from the danger list.

But Jamie's father James, as well as Lee Harte, received serious injuries.

James Tonner had to have part of his bowel removed in emergency surgery, while Lee Harte was operated on on Wednesday, and is still in intensive care.

"He may require more surgery, but he was operated on for a punctured lung and damage to his liver," Lee's mother Nicola Murphy told the Herald.

"He may have to have a piece of his liver removed yet, but at least he's out of danger."

Nicola said she was shocked when two of Lee's friends called at her door at 4am on Sunday.

"I thought it was Lee at first, but then they explained what had happened. It's everyone's worst nightmare," said Nicola.

"The only thing I care about now is Lee getting better.

"He only had his first cup of water on Wednesday," Nicola explained. "He hasn't been allowed eat anything yet."

Nicola said that Lee was top of his class in the Leaving Cert in Killinarden Community School and had recently started a veterinary course.