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BBC snaps up Garth & Bev series

HIT RTE cartoon series Garth & Bev has been snapped up by the BBC after its successful debut on Irish screens.

The kids' show, which follows the adventures of a time-travelling brother and sister, will be aired by CBeebies.

Garth & Bev already enjoyed huge success when it debuted on RTE 2's The Den in November last year and secured a 33pc share of the viewing audience.

The series is a co-production between Dublin-based Kavaleer Productions and Copernicus Studios, a Canadian animation company.

The programme is aimed at four-to-seven year olds and follows the adventures of Garth and his sister Bev, who live in ancient times. With a little magical help from their druid grandfather, Lir, they can travel anywhere in time to satisfy their curiosity about the world and everything in it.


At the heart of the series is the idea that nature is the primary source for invention, creativity and problem-solving.

Managing director of Kavaleer and producer of the series Gary Timpson said: "We are delighted that Garth & Bev is set to broadcast on Cbeebies. The series was hugely successful when it debuted on Irish television in November so we are hoping that this will be replicated."

Kay Benbow, of CBeebies, said: "This charming series will answer questions for our youngest viewers through narrative and a little bit of magic. I am sure the CBeebies audience will love following Garth and Bev as they travel through time, making exciting discoveries."

More than 75 people were employed throughout production of the series. It was financed by Kavaleer, the BBC, RTE, The Irish Film Board, The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, BBC Worldwide and the Irish tax incentive schemes, in conjunction with co-production partners Copernicus Studios.