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BBC presenter is found dead 90pc will live in eight key cities Artery health helped by diet Alcohol link to bad flashbacks

BBC daytime television host Kristian Digby has been found dead at his home. Police sources said the circumstances of the To Buy Or Not To Buy presenter's death were "unexplained".

He was pronounced dead at the scene yesterday when ambulance services arrived at his property in east London.

A post-mortem examination will take place today. Digby, a property expert, worked on a string of shows including Double Agents, Living In The Sun and House Swap.

90pc will live in eight key cities

Around 90pc of the island of Ireland's population will be living in just eight city regions over the next two decades, a report claims.

The study by leading engineers warns with the all-island population set to soar from 6.25 million to eight million by the 2030s, the country's infrastructure needs to be brought up to scratch. The Government is urged to focus on Dublin, Belfast, Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Derry.

Artery health helped by diet

Weight-loss diets can reverse life-threatening artery damage in obese people, a study has shown. Tests showed that patients who went on the diets lost moderate amounts of weight, lowered their blood pressure and developed healthier arteries.

Thick and heavy arteries indicate a build-up of fatty deposits on the blood vessel walls, but after two years, the carotid arteries of patients on the diets had lost an average of 5pc of their wall volume and 1.1pc of their thickness.

Alcohol link to bad flashbacks

People who have drunk a moderate amount of alcohol before a traumatic event report more flashbacks than those who have had none, according to a study.

"For the first time, this research gives us an idea of how being under the influence of alcohol might contribute to our wellbeing [after a traumatic event]," said research leader James Bisby of University College London.