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Baz wrestles fears and alligators for TV show

RTE's Baz Ashmawy (35) returns to the small screen this month with his adventure programme, Baz's Extreme World.

And the mad-cap presenter has revealed how he feared for his life in one of the shows filmed in Ethiopia as he had to travel with an armed guard at all times.

"There's four shows in this series with different themes. It's brilliant it came back," he told the Herald.

The former How Low Can You Go personality started filming for the series last August as he travelled around various exotic places finding outlandish challenges.

But the toughest series to film saw him living in one of the most remote places in the world and staying with the Suri tribe in south west Ethiopia.

"It took four days just to get to the village. We were travelling through the nastiest terrain in a jeep. We had to have a militia guard the whole time who was armed with a machine gun for our own safety," he explained.

The first show airs next Saturday and sees him travelling to a small town in Southern Colorado, where he trains on a farm with 350 alligators.

Dad-of-one Baz joined forces with farm owner Jay Young as he tried to overcome his fear of the predators.