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Bat villain goes from Gotham City to Fair City


Fair City's new villain, actor Karl Shiels

Fair City's new villain, actor Karl Shiels

Fair City's new villain, actor Karl Shiels

DUBLIN actor Karl Shiels has gone from gangland crime in Gotham City to become a bad boy in Carrigstown.

Karl is relishing his new role in Fair City playing wheeler dealer Robbie T who has a shady past.

"He is ever so slightly dodgy," he said.

The Dublin actor was the ideal choice considering the gallery of characters his shoes have filled in the past, from gangsters in Veronica Guerin, starring alongside Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins, to taking on the role of an IRA man in Peaky Blinders.

"There is a great satisfaction in playing baddies," he said. "You're watching the other character squirm and seeing the power you have over them."

The theatre director, who's in his 30s, explained that in upcoming episodes viewers will learn that Robbie and Dan, played by Steve Gunn, are both ex-army who served together in Kosovo.

The pair clash when the new arrival plans to start up a business encroaching on his former comrade's territory, and seems there is only enough room for one tough guy in Carrigstown.

Chapelizod-native Karl has acted the part of a soldier before, making one of his first forays into theatre playing the character of Lieutenant Langon in a Palmerstown Players' production of The Plough and the Stars.

Not an avid viewer of the soap, former electrician Karl tuned in to check out his opposite number Dan.

"I had to know what way Dan psyche worked so that when I came in as Robbie I could plan to destroy him."

Dublin-based Steve, who shares a house with long-time friend Karl, joined the cast of Fair City a year ago.

Explaining how he enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the show, Steve said: "In my first day of work in Carrigstown, I came in that morning had a look around and had bought a bar by the afternoon.

"A couple of days later, I was going out with Carol. Life moves fast in soap-land."