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Basking sharks to wow world audience

NEARLY 30 million people worldwide are set to watch the Irish coastline on TV as the Discovery Channel comes here to film our sharks.

The channel's biggest show, Shark Week, which pulled in 29 million viewers last year, is coming to Malin Head in Co Donegal to film the basking sharks that swim there.

A spokesman from Malin Head Coast Guard told the Herald that "there are a lot of basking sharks reported off Malin Head and in Donegal Bay, but no accidents involving the sea creatures have ever been recorded".

Shark Week features among the highest TV ratings alongside the Super Bowl.

The Irish Basking Shark Study Group said: "To get one of the biggest media channels in the world to come here is a very powerful opportunity to spread our message, especially when the basking shark is still unprotected in Irish waters."

Basking sharks are most prevalent in July around the northwest coast.

Meanwhile, great white shark Lydia has been making her way from the Caribbean Sea, along the east coast of America and across the Atlantic, with the waters of Co Clare and Kerry next.

Lydia, who is 4.4 metres long and electronically tagged, has come from Florida in only 10 days and travelled a zig-zag total distance of 31,000km.