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Barry's Tea and children's drawings left near scene

HANDWRITTEN tributes and colourful pictures drawn by children marked the scene of this week's tragic accident.

Mourners laid flowers and gifts at the site close to where the six young students died.

The tricolour and traditional Irish fare, including Meanie crisps and Barry's Tea, were added to tributes.

Colourful bouquets and single red roses were also left behind by visitors of all nationalities.

Zane (4) drew a picture of a blue space rocket which was headed for heaven.


One person who came to pay their respects reproduced a Seamus Heaney poem, while others penned more personal tributes.

"Do not know what to say. I love you Nick. Sleep tight bud xxx", wrote one, referring to victim Nick Schuster.

Many of those who paid tribute did not know those who died but felt moved to visit the scene.

"We all set out on a big adventure this summer not knowing such tragedy would hit us all," one note said.

"I'm sure we would have crossed paths this summer in this beautiful city...

"Although you're not here you'll continue to be in our minds and hearts this summer," an emotional tribute read.

"I may not have known them personally but I've seen a few around Berkeley and they always looked happy.

"I will always remember the cheerful smiles on their faces," another card left at the scene read.