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BARLOW'S HOT... and my dream's come true

At last it seems my 1995 saucy dream about Gary Barlow is justified.

Around the time Back For Good was released, I can remember getting very excited over Barlow's appearance in that memorable black and white video. And now, some 15-plus years later, the X Factor viewing public has, I think, agreed with me that Mr Barlow is, indeed, hot property -- in both senses of the word.

Since being drafted onto the judging panel, Barlow has brought thrills to households up and down the country and now, come every Monday, all you can hear women talk about at work is their collective crush. He's the new Diet Coke break guy.

The former Take That chubbster was, as we all know, 'the talent'. He was the one who wrote the music -- even though the other four were far more popular, and looked better in cut-off shorts and bare chests.

We love a comeback kid, and when Take That reformed, Gary decided to shape up. And now the long-term results are on show for us all to admire, every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas. And what complements Broody Barlow's looks so nicely is the new judge's authoritative, hard-to-get persona. He's a man who knows what he's looking for, and isn't shy to ask for it. This weekend, we got even more bang for our licence fee buck, because Gary was joined by bandmate and long-time adversary Robbie Williams. Swoon and double swoon.


The two lads sat in the LA sunshine, eyes creasing the the glare, tanned limbed sprawled out in front of them. Who cares what the names or calibre of the lads auditioning were, we didn't really notice as we all got a bit distracted by the celebrity judges. And I was ever so grateful to the tweeter who kindly circulated pictures of the two Take That boys beside the pool at bedtime last night. Unfortunately no repeat of the saucy dream as yet, but I live in hope.

Between our local hero (Janet), and our matinee idol (Gary), we have plenty to bring a bit of interest to weekend nights.