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Bankrupt Dunne to apply for green card

BANKRUPT developer Sean Dunne is preparing to apply for a green card to stay in the US.

The former 'Baron of Ballsbridge' has been living in Connecticut since 2010 on an E-2 Visa which allows holders who have made a sizeable investment to live in the States.

Mr Dunne has said that his wife, Gayle Killilea, made the necessary investment with her construction company.

Now court filings show he has asked attorney Bruce A Morrison to prepare his application for a green card.


Mr Dunne filed for bankruptcy in the US last March, declaring debts of almost $1bn (€731m). NAMA and Ulster Bank have opposed his bankruptcy application through the US courts.

Ulster Bank, which obtained a €164m High Court judgment against Mr Dunne in 2012, has also pursued bankruptcy proceedings against him in Ireland. He has been declared bankrupt in both jurisdictions.

Mr Dunne opposed the Irish bankruptcy ruling, claiming he has not lived here since 2007.

The 59-year-old is challenging the refusal of the High Court to overturn his Irish bankruptcy in the Supreme Court.

While Mr Dunne's E-2 Visa must be renewed on a regular basis, a green card would allow him to apply for US citizenship after five years.

Court papers show he has instructed Mr Morrison "to prepare a petition to acquire lawful permanent residence".

The lawyer's opinion states that "approval is anticipated".