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Bank warned of 'tricky situation' close pals reveal

Friends have revealed that Gerry Ryan was told by his bank manager that his financial situation was "very tricky".

Friends have revealed that the RTE star was having money problems, which he was not good at dealing with.

Gate Theatre director Michael Colgan, a pal of the broadcaster, had dinner with Gerry on the Monday before he died.

At the meal, Gerry said he had been in to see his bank and had been told his finances were "very tricky".

"He was very bad with money," Mr Colgan said.

"Gerry used money like Kleenex in the Hilton. He didn't have a sense of it. He didn't understand it. He didn't save money," he added.

However, he said people could seek many explanations for Gerry's death but the simple fact was that "his time was up".

Another friend, Harry Crosbie, said the broadcaster "didn't understand business".

Mr Colgan said "we can all look in hindsight" but Gerry was having great fun.

One of the headlines he did not like was that the broadcaster died a lonely death.

"What people should know is Gerry Ryan was loved. Gerry Ryan had friends... I think it was wrong to say it was a lonely death," he said.

"We will miss him. I think our lives have changed. I think he made this country a better country to live in," he added.

In his 2008 autobiography, Would the Real Gerry Ryan Please Stand Up, he talked about his lifestyle.

"The Four Seasons is my canteen," he wrote.