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Bank evidence in Clayton case

THE trial of Adam Clayton's former personal assistant has heard evidence from a bank worker who confirmed she collated documents relevant to the investigation following a court order.

Jennifer Drumm told prosecuting counsel Colm O'Briain that among the items she was asked to retrieve were a number of screen shots of international money transfers from Ms Hawkins personal account and the joint account she held with her husband John.

Carol Hawkins (47) of Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin has pleaded not guilty to 181 counts of theft.

Swearing ban now in effect

Residents in a town outside Boston voted to make the foul-mouthed pay fines for swearing in public.

At a town meeting, residents voted 183-50 to approve a proposal from the police chief to impose a 20 dollar fine on public profanity.

Officials insist the proposal was not intended to censor casual or private conversations, but instead to crack down on loud, profanity-laden language.

UN warns of state of Korea

The United Nations says millions of North Korean children in the provinces far from the relative comforts of Pyongyang are not getting the food, medicine or health care they need to develop physically or mentally.

The agency said in a detailed update on the humanitarian situation that nearly a third of North Korean children under the age of five show signs of stunting and scores are dying from diarrhoea due to a lack of access to clean water, sanitation and electricity.

Two in court for van hold up

TWO men have gone on trial accused of the attempted robbery of a cash van during which their alleged accomplice was killed in a shoot out with gardai.

Mr Owens told the jury it was the State's case that: "Mr Molloy -- who later died -- was carrying a sawn off shotgun, accosted the security man, pointed the gun at him, discharged a shot into the air", before he was shot by a garda.