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Bank alerted to Joyce coin risk

The Central Bank was warned about potential design and copyright problems before it issued the flawed €10 James Joyce commemorative silver coin last month.

Department of Finance officials alerted the Central Bank on at least two occasions about the possibility of difficulties with the James Joyce estate over copyright and design.

The coin sold out within two days of being issued on April 11, despite carrying on its front an error in a quotation from Ulysses, alongside an image of the author that was not approved by his estate.


A businessman was snatched from a New York street and held captive for more than a month in a warehouse where he was bound and burned with acid for a $3m ransom his family in Ecuador did not have.

Pedro Portugal (52) was found by detectives who had been monitoring phone calls, noticed pizza deliveries to a deserted area in Queens and zeroed in on the warehouse.

Three men were arrested.

Mr Portugal, who owned a small accounting and tax firm in Queens, was burned with acid and spent the better part of a month with his head cloaked. He is now in hospital.



Britain's Prince William described himself "first and foremost" a soccer fan as he addressed the annual conference of European football's governing body.

William, president of the FA, said the staging of the Champions League final at Wembley today would inspire a generation through its "excellence" as he welcomed delegates to the Uefa meeting.

William said it was "a great honour" for the FA to host the final between Germany's two leading teams, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

BBC'S €117M


The BBC has scrapped an ambitious attempt to create a digital production system and archive.

The announcement comes after the BBC admitted it had wasted almost €117m on it and that to continue would be "throwing good money after bad".