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Band's lobby bid a success for street performers





Popular Dublin band Keywest were last night claiming a partial victory after their internet campaign against a ban on amps for buskers went viral.

The band were also vocal in describing the proposed 80 decibel levels for street performances as unworkable and lobbied against the regulations.

Their campaign resulted in 13,000 emails being sent to councillors with the result that Dublin City Council rejected attempts to introduce a ban on amps.

Key West, who have built up a huge fan base, earlier posted a video about the issue on Facebook and it racked up over 211,000 hits.

Lead singer Andy Kavanagh (inset), who lives in the city centre, said the ambient noise on the street is higher than 80 decibels already.

The band honed their famous live performances while busking.

"We have tonnes of ideas on ways to do this. We have performed all over the world on streets that have successfully integrated systems of busking. The point of street performance really is to enhance a city," he said.

The band tweeted their thanks to the various councillors who had supported their campaign against the ban on amps.