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Ban lads' mags from the shops? It's PC gone mad, says Rosanna


Rosanna Davison. Photo: Tony Gavin

Rosanna Davison. Photo: Tony Gavin

Rosanna Davison. Photo: Tony Gavin

A BATTLE to ban 'lads' mags' from shops is facing stiff opposition from some of our top models.

Fourteen women lawyers in the UK are claiming the display and sale of magazines with provocative front covers constitutes sexual harassment or sex discrimination.

This means UK supermarkets could potentially be sued by employees and customers if they refuse to remove the magazines and newspapers.


The Lose The Lads' Mag campaign claims to be striving toward gender equality. But model and Playboy cover girl Rosanna Davison disagrees with the campaign.

"I think it's a little extreme. It's PC gone mad," she said. "I don't think stocking shelves with magazines with girls on the front is sexual harassment. Not at all."

Model Hazel O'Sullivan agreed, saying that those behind the campaign "have too much time on their hands". "There are way more important things to concern ourselves with like rape, crime and drug use," she said. However, the idea is backed by Woman's Aid Ireland, which says the magazines add to the culture of violence against women.

"Sexual objectification and exploitation must be challenged if we are to create an equal society that supports and encourages safe, healthy and respectful intimate relationships," she said.

Model Layla Flaherty said trying to ban the magazines "shows quite a conservative attitude".

"They're on the top shelves and if you don't want to look at them, you don't have to."