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Bald brothers have joint hair transplants

TWO balding brothers have made hair transplant history by undergoing the procedure at the same time.

Barry and Brian Cowan, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, had the surgery to put their male pattern baldness to bed.

They both had the procedure, known as follicular unit extraction, at The Glasgow Clinic.

Surgeon Dr Emorane Lupanzula transplanted thousands of grafts on the brothers, who say they have battled with baldness for the last five years.

Guitarist Barry (29) said he always considered having a hair transplant.

"The fact that my brother and I are doing it together is a real bonus.

"We've always been really close growing up and making decisions like this together is nothing new to us," he said.

"I think losing your hair has an emotional effect on some people. It did with me. I admit, I'm self-conscious about it but I'm not really bothered what others think when it comes to the actual hair transplant."

Thirty-year-old Brian, a model and property developer, said a hair transplant would help his career.

"I started noticing my hair disappearing gradually a few years ago," he said. "In my profession it's not something that goes unnoticed. I'll quite happily admit that it started to make me feel less confident."