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Baiba lawyer canvasses with armed detectives

THE solicitor of murdered mum Baiba Saulite is canvassing for Fianna Fail under armed guard.

John Hennessy is on the doorsteps of north Dublin "every day and every night" despite threats to his life, the Herald can reveal.

The outspoken solicitor shot to national prominence after Baiba was gunned down in cold blood in November 2006.

Since then, he has fought to get justice for the Latvian mother-of-two but gardai have been unable to press charges.

The Swords man has now actively become involved in the election and is backing Fianna Fail TD Darragh O'Brien.

"He's got that number on his list," said Mr Hennessy, "making Dublin a safer place.

"So obviously he has listened to what I've had to say."

Mr Hennessy confirmed to the Herald that he has canvassed every day since the election was called and will continue to do so until election day on February 25.

"It's not easy," he said, noting that he still constantly accompanied by two armed gardai.

Baiba (28) was shot dead on the doorstep of her home at Holywell Square in Swords, as her two young boys slept in an upstairs bedroom.

The killing shocked the country but the Director of Public Prosecutions was never able to secure a prosecution.


Mr Hennessy represented tragic Baiba before her death and was also the target of criminals who firebombed his home. Gardai also discovered a threat to his life.

Since then he has constantly campaigned for change in the policing and legal systems in Ireland to protect innocent people, even calling for internment to be considered for major criminals.

Explaining his decision to get involved in the election campaign, Mr Hennessy said he believed Mr O'Brien is working to find solutions to Dublin's gun problems.

"I've known him personally for the last few years and he is active on the ground," Mr Hennessy said.

The 36-year-old election candidate previously told the Herald that gangland criminals should be "run out of this city".

"We've got to do everything we can to run them out of this city and stop them doing what they are doing," Mr O'Brien said.

He added that people shouldn't "understate" the problem of gangland crime in Dublin.

However, he is fighting for his political survival in Dublin North where he is in a do-or-die battle with his FF colleague Michael Kennedy and the Green Party's Trevor Sargent.

Mr Hennessy said: "I think he's a valuable politician. It would be a shame if Fianna Fail lost a young candidate like him.