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Back-to-school blues bring silver linings

Get ready for another taste of the last few days of summer.

Temperatures are set to go as high as 23C during next week as the school term begins.

Even though Met Eireann forecaster John Eagleton said today will be an average day with rain, things will improve on the weather front coming into the weekend.

"There might be some light rain on Sunday night but the high pressure builds after that, and temperatures rise," he said.

The forecaster revealed that the weather is looking good for Sunday afternoon, when tens of thousands of GAA fans head to Croke Park to see the Dubs take on Donegal.

And it really heats up as the week goes on, according to Mr Eagleton.

"The temperatures could jump back into the twenties, which they have hardly been in for the whole month of August," the forecaster said.

"From Monday onwards, I think temperatures will be around 20C," Mr Eagleton revealed.

"We haven't had many really warm days in August. We had a few nice evenings here and there. It was sunny enough at times.

"You can get nice weather in September. You don't get that glare off the sun that you might get on a warm day in July and it is not as humid either."

The forecaster said that the temperature may hit a high of between 22C and 23C in the middle of next week, not in the east, however, but in the midlands and west.

Showers tomorrow will die away in the evening.