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Back to drawing board as Fairview bridge plan opposed


Fairview Bridge

Fairview Bridge

Fairview Bridge

CITY engineers have been asked to return to the drawing board following a controversial plan to remove a footbridge so a new cycleway can be installed.

Proposals for an Amien Street to Clontarf two-way cycle route currently include the tearing down of the steel pedestrian footbridge in Fairview.

A meeting of the North Central area committee was called last month to allow councillors to have their say on the matter.

They have asked that new plans be drawn up to allow the cycleway to navigate around the bridge, which is a local landmark.

One option is for the cycleway to travel in a graduated arc around the bridge, but it is not yet clear if the road can accommodate this.

Council officials also pointed out that further refurbishment of the bridge may be needed in the coming years in order to meet regulations for wheelchair users.

The bridge was refurbished recently at a cost of €250,000 to taxpayers, according to Fianna Fail councillor Sean Haughey.

There has been much local opposition to its removal.

Three schools in the area whose pupils use the bridge regularly to access Fairview Park have already been in touch with local representatives to express their concern.

Tearing down the bridge to build the 2.5km cycleway and greenway, a portion of which will be along the edge of Fairview Park, is not the only problem with the designs.

Nearly 60 roadside trees will be removed during the construction of the esplanade.

Revised plans will be drawn up and presented to local councillors at a meeting to be held on July 20, and a decision will be made on the future of the bridge.

Labour councillor Jane Horgan Jones is hosting a public meeting tonight at 8pm in Smyth's pub in Fairview.

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