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Baby for 'model' who sold tickets to birth

Aspiring English glamour model Josie Cunningham has given birth to a girl, according to reports.

The baby was born after the 24-year-old went into labour on Sunday night.

Cunningham (inset) sparked anger after she received a £4,800 (€6,160) breast enlargement operation on the National Health Service (NHS) in order to pursue her career.

In July she said she had sold four tickets to the birth of her third child for a total of £30,000.

Two were priced at £5,000 and two at £10,000, which include permission to film and take photos, after a deal to sell DVDs of the birth fell through.

One ticket was sold to what she said was a "super fan", while the other three were reportedly bought by journalists.

Cunningham, who has two sons aged three and six, told ITV's This Morning that the idea "came to my mind and it's a good way to pay back to the NHS".

"It's not much different to One Born Every Minute. They'll not be sat down there with a camera," she said.

"I will have someone there all the time for protection.

"People are going to be vetted."