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Baby-faced killer who gardai want for savage double-hit

SOURCES believe the thug was at the centre of the atrocity in which two men were butally gunned down in a suburban housing estate in Kilcock, Co Kildare, on Tuesday night.

Garda investigations are continuing today into the murders of gangster Andy Barry (30), pictured, and his 25-year-old Lithuanian pal, who were blasted to death in a house in Rochford Avenue.

The chief suspect for ordering the hit is a Tallaght criminal aged in his early 20s who had been involved in a bitter feud with Barry over the past two months.

He is now under "active threat" from Barry's associates -- but sources say that he has the firepower to take on the gangsters.

A source said: "Andy Barry was a nasty piece of work -- he tortured people and intimidated anyone who got in his way, but his fatal mistake was taking on this individual.

"He might look innocent enough, but he is a major player -- he is believed to have access to an arsenal of weapons including pipe bombs and machine guns.

"By doing what he did the other night, he has put down a serious marker to his rivals and gardai."

The murder suspect is extremely well known to gardai and has convictions for drug dealing, assault and motoring offences.

He is also known as a "top fighter" who "is very good with his fists" and has a love of fast cars.

Gardai are now deploying extra armed patrols in a bid to keep the simmering tensions in check.


The Herald has previously revealed that the feud spiralled out of control because of a bitter turf war over drug dealing in south Dublin.

Gardai believe the double murder was in retaliation for an incident in Tallaght last month in which a BMW car was sprayed with machine-gun fire.

The car connected to Andy Barry's bitter rival was peppered with bullets fired from a machine pistol.

Gardai recovered 13 shells fired from the pistol, but no arrests were made. The machine-gun attack happened only two days after a shotgun incident at Bawnlea Avenue on the night of February 14.

At least one shot was fired when rival drug dealers met for "a straightener".

Andy Barry and his deadly rival were there on the night.

Detectives responding to an emergency call from a concerned resident arrived in the area and noticed three suspicious vehicles at the scene.

Two of these cars -- a silver VW Golf and a blue BMW -- were seized by gardai and were forensically examined by officers.

The occupants of these cars were searched and questioned by gardai but no arrests were made.