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Baby Carys eased new granny Dana's grief

Dana has told how she battled through a difficult time getting through Christmas without her mum.

However the All Ireland Talent Show judge said that the arrival of her grandchild Carys Rose had brought joy at a time of sadness.

Her mum Sheila died on November 29 after battling ill health following a stroke. She had a stroke on the day of the All Ireland Talent Show final last year. "That was the very day she fell ill and her first words were, 'Don't tell Dana because she is filming.' All our family have always been involved in music and performance. So my mother's first thought was not to tell me until I was finished," she said.

She said that her mother loved showbusiness and loved singing. She loved the All Ireland Talent Show and watched it every week.

Dana's first grandchild arrived a week and a half after the death of her mother, when eldest daughter Grace gave birth to Carys in Dublin.

"It was beautiful to have all my children and our first little grandchild with us, very consoling. It is wonderful being a granny, she is just gorgeous."

Dana said that when you have gone through a traumatic experience like losing a loved one, you get a perspective on what really matters.

"And what really matters is the people you love and who love you. Age is just an incidental thing," she said.

Meanwhile Dana said that all her acts have the talent deserved to win the All Ireland Talent Show.

"Last year was so successful and there was such a tremendous response to the programme that I am hoping it will really grow this year."

She said that all the performers she has chosen, she really feels have talent and something to contribute.