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Baby born on NY street back home with model mum

PROUD Dubliner Cian McCourt has posted a new photograph (right) on Twitter of his now-famous daughter Ila, after she was born on the streets of New York.

When mum Polly (39) couldn't make it to hospital, the little baby was not going to wait, and made her entrance into the world on the corner of 68th Street and Third Avenue.

Thanking everyone for their support, Cian (40) posted this gorgeous picture of Ila online, saying: "Time for us to get some rest and look after the kids. Thanks all." The couple have two other children, Conor (6) and Adele (4).

Meanwhile, a stranger who gave her a coat to help keep Ila warm after being born, has said she would do it again in a heartbeat.

Isabel Williams (20) was bowled over when Cian and Polly decided to name Ila in her honour, giving her the name Ila Isabelle McCourt.

"That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard," said Isabel. "The whole thing was intense but really cool. You just do what you have to do, y'know.

"Initially I thought somebody got hit by a cab. I ran over and asked if anyone had called 911 and everybody said no, so I called the ambulance and at that time the baby was out."

Cian and Polly have now brought Ila home from hospital following the infant's surprise arrival earlier this week. And Isabel has offered her services as a babysitter any time.


Polly McCourt was a busy model on the Dublin fashion circuit during the Noughties before settling with her Irish husband Cian in New York, where he works as resident partner in law firm A&L Goodbody's.

Irish fashion industry insiders were shocked to see Polly, known as Pollyanna Robinson during her modelling years, making international news following her daughter's kerbside birth.

Couturier Richard Lewis said: "She was class from her head to her toes. I loved working with her."