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BA Willie says sorry as airline staff strike

British Airways' strike-hit chief executive Willie Walsh has personally apologised to passengers in a video message.

Posted on BA's official website and on YouTube, the Dubliner's recording assured customers that staff replacing striking cabin crew over the weekend had been trained "up to and beyond" the required standards.

Former Aer Lingus chief Mr Walsh said he had received many messages of support from customers, some of whom had urged him to "stand firm".


In his video, Mr Walsh said: "I am deeply sorry. This is a terrible day for BA.

"Thousands of our staff will be serving you over the weekend. I am confident that we will be able to deliver a good service."

He said staff on duty over the weekend were "aviation professionals", some of whom had worked for the airline for years.

Mr Walsh went on: "They have gone through all the training. They are ready. They are looking forward to serving you."

He said he "really appreciated" the messages of support.