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Axing free RTE Guides for retired to save €100k

RTE aims to save over €100,000 a year by suspending the supply of free 'RTE Guides' to retired staff.

The move, which takes effect from February 1, was ordered by RTE bosses as they attempt to slash spending.

The station has now cut its expenditure by €135m since 2010 and has also managed to shed over 500 staff.

The latest cuts are understood to be aimed at compensating for the Government's axing of €5m in budget supports for RTE linked to the nationwide provision of free TV licences for all pensioners over 70.


While RTE's highest-profile retirees include Anne Doyle, Gay Byrne, Don Cockburn and Mike Murphy, the new cutbacks will only impact on RTE pensioners aged over 70.

Those who departed the station early such as Charlie Bird and Pat Kenny aren't pensioners and don't get the free mag.

But the RTE Pensioners Association (RTEPA) has already received complaints about the cutbacks.

One RTE pensioner, who asked not to be named, described the cutbacks as "petty".