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Axe terror as drunk tried to get into home

THIS is the armed man who smashed up another man's car and broke a window in his house after he tried to get into the house and demanded alcohol.

David Burns (25) left the area when he was refused entry, but he returned a short time later armed with an axe.

A sergeant told a court that the householder feared for his safety during the incident.

A judge adjourned the matter for four weeks after Burns said he wanted to pay compensation for the damage he caused.

Burns, of Corduff Park, in Blanchardstown, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to public drunkenness, threatening and abusive behaviour, trespass, possession of an axe and two counts of criminal damage.

The attack took place at Corduff Grove in Blanchardstown on June 20 last year.

Garda Sergeant Maria Callaghan said gardai were called to Corduff Grove shortly before 3am following reports that men were fighting.

Sgt Callaghan said that when gardai arrived on the scene they saw two men, one of whom was Burns, drop two axes on the ground and walk away.

The sergeant said Burns was looking for alcohol and had tried to get into a house at Corduff Grove, but he was refused entry.


He left the area but returned with an axe, which he then used to smash up the householder's car, breaking the front windscreen and the passenger window.

He also smashed the front window of the house in Blanchardstown, causing €450 of damage. The court heard Burns has 23 previous convictions, mostly for public order matters. Burns also admitted possessing a screwdriver and assaulting a woman.

Matthew Kenny, defending, said Burns is a chronic alcoholic and when he is sober, he shows genuine remorse for his behaviour and an insight into the harm he causes to his family and to his victims.

Mr Kenny said Burns was in a detox centre for some time late in 2010 but has relapsed since.

He said Burns would like to compensate the victim for the damage he caused to his car. Judge Patrick McMahon adjourned the matter to a date in February for sentencing.