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Aviva security staff treated us just like hooligans, say fans


 TRY: Ireland star Jenny Murphy scores in Italy game

TRY: Ireland star Jenny Murphy scores in Italy game

TRY: Ireland star Jenny Murphy scores in Italy game

RUGBY fans have claimed they were trapped inside the Aviva Stadium last weekend as security officials forced them from their seats minutes after the women's match began.

Supporter Proinnsias Breathnach said supporters in the upper deck of the stadium's west stand were treated like "hooligans" moments after Brian O'Driscoll had said farewell following the Six Nations clash against Italy.

The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) did not comment comment when contacted by the Herald, but it issued an apology after many fans had difficulty entering the stadium for the women's match.


Mr Breathnach said supporters who stayed on to watch the game were told to leave the upper deck of the stadium.

However, they were then blocked from accessing the lower decks, effectively trapping them in the concourse .

"When we attempted to return to the upper deck seating area, our way was blocked by a security man who informed us that no entrance would be allowed," Mr Breathnach said.

"By now a large and very angry crowd coming from the various exit points from the upper deck had congregated in the concourse area.

"After making a telephone call, a security supervisor led us to the south end of the concourse and down the steps to the lower deck behind the goals.

"The crowd then made for the West Stand concourse seeking a better vantage point.

"However, the various entry points were blocked by security personnel saying that the sections were full, until eventually we got into a section near the north end.

"However, a quick glance showed that there were no empty seats.

"Returning through the entrance point, we had to fight our way through a large crowd of people also seeking seats.

"At this stage, the only place where we could have watched the game was from behind the north end goal, having been ejected from our excellent upper-deck seats.

"In the circumstances, we just decided to give up and leave the ground.

"On our way out, we were told by the people selling tickets for those who had come for the women's game of the difficulties these people were having getting into the ground."

Fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration with how crowds had been managed, with one user claiming that the matchday officials had acted "like headless chickens".