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Aviva boss who cut 950 staff boasted about €600k Mercedes

THE man who sacked 950 Irish employees at Aviva recently bragged about rewarding himself with a €600k Mercedes.

Boastful Igal Mayer – who jetted out of Ireland within hours of delivering the body-blow to Irish staff – purchased the Mercedes Gullwing six months ago and then boasted about it to company employees.

The public last night saw smug chief executive Mayer putting on the poor mouth on RTE News.

He tried to defend the cruel decision the end the livelihoods of 950 Irish workers by claiming the company was doing badly.

But his Gullwing sports car is one of the most expensive in the world, favoured by Saudi princes and Hollywood actors including Mark Wahlberg.

Mayer boasted how he picked up his Mercedes in May and proceeded to rub employees’ noses in it by boasting on the company internal website.

“I'm crazy about cars, that's my passion,” said French-Canadian Mr Mayer.

“I have three. An American muscle car, an old Porsche, and I have recently rewarded myself with a new Mercedes Gullwing, which I love and I think is one of the most beautiful cars ever – for me it's a piece of art.

“My wife says it's the last |car I'm allowed buy.”

As Mayer and his team hot-footed it back to London as soon as the news was delivered to Irish staff, management here were left to pick up the pieces.

Staff in Ireland insist that local management are blameless in the handling of the affair – in which staff only learnt of their fate on TV and in the newspapers.

A member of staff said today: “The people based here are not to blame, their hands were tied and they were gagged by management overseas.”

Staff at Aviva have voted unanimously to ballot for industrial action following the announcement that the company will shed almost 1,000 staff.

A total of 950 jobs are to go at Aviva’s operations in Dublin, Cork and Galway.


The company said the job losses result from moves to combine its Irish and UK |divisions and to restructure its European regional operations.

The decision to ballot for industrial action was taken at a staff meeting in Dublin last night.

There will be 770 redundancies in Aviva Ireland and a further 180 in Aviva Europe.

The company has also warned up to 300 additional posts could be outsourced. However, it said any jobs that were outsourced would remain in Ireland.

Management at the insurer summoned employees to a |briefing yesterday morning to deliver the grim news.

It is believed that terms for earlier redundancies – six weeks' pay per year of service – will not apply for the latest job losses.

Workers at the company now face a bleak Christmas, with implementation of the cuts due to begin in March next year.

Employees had been left in the dark for months, since it was first leaked that the company was looking to cut the workforce. They were finally given the news at a 10am meeting yesterday.

Officials at the trade union Unite were given a briefing by Aviva management for the first time on Tuesday night.

“That was the first detailed information from the company. There's no good news in this at all,” the union told the Herald.