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Authority considers extending limit to suburbs

The extension of the 30kph speed limit to suburban housing estates would save lives without the need for spending on traffic calming measures, a councillor has said.

Fingal County Council has been called on to consider the introduction of the lower limit after UK research showed a 42pc reduction in casualties where it was brought in.

Cllr Kieran Dennison (FG) said local authorities did not have the money to install ramps in many areas and that 30kph limits had proved effective in Britain.

Citing figures from the British Medical Council, Cllr Dennison said there had been a drop by half in the number of children killed or seriously injured and a 17pc reduction in cyclists' casualties.


He said he had seen one accident in Tyrellstown in which a car had landed in a front garden against the front door of a house -- but nobody was hurt.

Cllr Peter Coyle (Lab) said a pilot project had been started in the past but was unenforcable.

A spokesman said legislation set the speed limit for all roads in built-up areas (other than motorways) at 50kph.

The Road Traffic Act 2004 empowered local authorities to make special speed limit by-laws setting the limit at between 30kph and 120kph depending on the type and location of the road.