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Auntie Hayley holds the baby for Brogan

Finding a babysitter for an All-Ireland final is not as easy as it seems -- especially when most of your family and friends will be at the game to cheer you on.

Just ask Alan Brogan and his wife Lydia who were left wondering what to do with their little son Jamie (2) for the big game on Sunday.

Thankfully, Jamie's godmother and Lydia's sister Hayley Rock has stepped in to take charge of the toddler for the day.

The Lillie's hostess and massive Dubs fan will be bringing the youngster to the game so he can hopefully watch his daddy emerge victorious against Kerry.

Hayley explained that Alan was undecided about whether to bring the tiny tot to the match.

"I am going to the match but it was kind of up in the air until recently," she said. "I'm Jamie's godmother and Bernard Jnr is his godfather but, of course, everyone is going to the game so there was the big question of who was going to mind him. Lydia's going to be a bag of nerves this Sunday. I don't think she has ever missed a game in the whole time Alan's been playing.

"I volunteered for the job and then we thought 'if the Dubs win, Alan's going to want his son there'. So we decided I should bring him along to watch his dad play. Unfortunately, if the Dubs do win, I'll be bringing him straight home to watch Peppa Pig! There will be no big celebrations for me."

The Castleknock native, who was bridemaid at Lydia's wedding last December, went on to say how the boys in blue "really deserve" a victory this weekend.

Given how hard they have battled throughout the season, she said a momentous win was genuinely within their grasp.

Businesswoman Hayley said she particularly wanted to see Alan take home his first All Ireland medal.

"I think they can do and they're all pretty confident about it. They've never been stronger and it's theirs for the taking. It will be a very hard game but Alan is very focused," she continued.

"He's 10 years playing for Dublin now and this will be his first All-Ireland. He really deserves this, as do all the lads, as they have put so much in it."

As well as backing her home team this Sunday, Hayley has also been busy building up her new business Concierge Dublin.