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Aunt saves children from burning house

TWO children were saved from a house fire after their aunt climbed a burning staircase to help them escape through an upstairs window.

Celine Boyle (28) rescued Devon (8) and his five-year-old sister Alex after a fire broke out in their home in Casement Road, Finglas.

As flames engulfed the house, she ran upstairs to get to the children who were sleeping in one of the bedrooms.

She said: "I ran through the flames and ducked my head. I could hear the kids screaming and ran towards their bedroom."

When she reached the room she struggled to get the window open while the blaze continued to rage downstairs.

"I tried to get them out but I couldn't get out for ages," she said. "My handprints are on the window trying to get out.


"I pushed the window open, but the smoke followed me. I jumped out on the porch and threw the kids down."

A neighbour at the scene caught the children and then helped Celine to safety.

The children's mother, Donna, praised their brave aunt, saying: "Only for Celine they wouldn't have got out of that house."

Devon and Alex were treated for smoke inhalation in Temple Street Children's Hospital while their aunt and mother were taken to James Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown.

The house was extensively damaged in the Sunday morning blaze. The family are meanwhile staying with relatives and hope they will get a replacement house.

Donna said: "Alex and Devon go to school in the area, so I need that sorted out fast."