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August feels the chill factor

atlantic winds will cause temperatures to drop by at least two or three degrees lower than usual for this time of year.

Mercury levels will drop lower this week with temperatures as low as 14C in some places.

Met Eireann said a change in wind direction will bring with it cooler conditions and there is a strong chance of heavy showers.

Normally in August, temperatures vary between 17-21C, but coastal areas in 
the North of the country could feel the chill of 14C
at some point during the week.

'Peeing' marine dies at home

A decorated retired US Marine whose career as a sniper was derailed by a video that showed him urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters has died.

Cpl. Robert Richards (28) was found dead by his wife at their home, Attorney Guy Womack said.

Neither foul play nor suicide is suspected.

Richards was demoted from sergeant after a video showed four Camp Lejeune Marines - in full body armour - urinating on three Afghans in 2011.

Bieber pays monkey fine

German authorities say Justin Bieber has paid €8,000 he owed after attempting to bring a pet monkey into the country last year without the necessary papers.

Bieber failed to produce vaccination and import papers for Mally the monkey on arriving in Munich in March 2013, and the animal was seized by customs. Mally now lives at a zoo in northern Germany.

Bieber paid a €2,100 fine for the monkey's import plus the costs of several weeks' care at an animal shelter.

Failure to pay could have put Bieber in legal difficulty if he traveled in the EU.

Knife-man goes on slash spree

A knife-wielding man in a northeastern Chinese city near went on a slashing spree yesterday, killing two people and injuring 14 others, a state broadcaster said.

The attack at a shopping mall in the city of Yanji was carried out by a local Chinese man of Korean ethnicity, China Central Television reported.