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Audi AG sales up 17pc globally

SALES figures for Audi AG continue to increase significantly in all regions of the world, according to Audi's September figures.

The company sold around 120,200 cars worldwide in September -- 17.1pc more than during the same month last year.

Sales in Europe grew 9pc to around 67,200 cars, driven primarily by high growth in the UK and in the Scandinavian markets.

Despite Irish car sales decreasing by 36pc in September 2011 compared to the same month last year, Audi Ireland reported an 11.6pc growth for the same period and 22.1pc increase this year-to-date, reaching a total of 3,261 registrations.

This strong performance underlines Audi's position as the leading premium car brand in Ireland.

Audi Ireland managing director Andrew Doyle said: "Audi holds 30pc of the premium car market year-to-date, maintaining our position as leading premium car manufacturer in Ireland. With our strong product line-up planned for 2012 and our continued dealership investment, we are confident this growth will be sustained throughout next year."