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Attacker's jail term suspended

THE Court of Criminal Appeal has suspended the remaining 16 months of a jail term given to a man for his role in an attack on a student.

Michael 'Tyser' Connors (20) of Daletree Place, Daletree Estate, Ballycullen, pleaded guilty before Dublin Circuit Court to a charge of violent disorder at Belgard Square West on October 20, 2006.

Connors was given a three-year jail term in February 2009, which was back-dated to June 2008. The appeals court heard the man's co-defendants received terms which were "wholly suspended". The court held it was satisfied with Connors' sentence, but said it was "concerned" about the disparity in sentencing.

Legal action over fire settled

A PARTNERSHIP company has settled its legal action brought over losses suffered by it as a result of a fire, which destroyed an apartment and retail development in Co Clare.

An investigation into the cause of the fire had found it resulted from defective electrical installation works and services carried out during construction of the development, it was claimed.

The proceedings were brought by the Pound Lane Partnership, c/o Knox's, Abbey Street, Ennis, and Pound Lane Developments Ltd (PLD).

Emergency landing for jet

A Qantas jet with nearly 200 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing at Sydney's international airport after its landing gear failed to retract after take-off.

An airline statement today said the Airbus 330 jet bound for Shanghai was forced to circle over Sydney for more than two hours and burn off fuel before safely making an emergency landing.

Romania plans to tax fast food

For post-communist Romanians, a Big Mac and fries meant much more than a meal -- it was a culinary symbol of the free and capitalist West and a sign that they too, had at last arrived.

But now the country is joining the health-conscious 21st century by proposing taxes on burgers, fries, drinks and other fast foods with a high fat and sugar content.