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Attack victim fears cannibal

A VICTIM left blinded by a baseball bat attack at a Maryland university now believes a Kenyan cannibalism suspect in another case may have been planning to eat his organs, too, his attorney said.

When 22-year-old Joshua Ceasar regained consciousness after the attack last month, he saw Alex Kinyua standing over him with a knife, said attorney Steve Silverman. Days later, Kinyua told investigators that he had eaten the heart and brain of a family friend he is charged with killing in Joppatowne, according to charging documents.

Shock result in obesity study

THE rate of childhood obesity in the United States may have soared between the 1970s and the 1990s, but children's blood pressure did not follow the same trend, according to a study.

Researchers at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that while the obesity rate among children in the state of Louisiana nearly tripled between 1974 and 1993, their blood pressure actually improved a bit.

Colombia rape sparks outcry

THE fatal rape of a woman in a popular park in Bogota has sparked a public outcry and led to calls for tougher action to prevent violence against women in Colombia.

Police said that the man arrested in the May 24 attack on Rosa Elvira Cely (35) had been jailed in another woman's murder a decade ago but had been released. He is also a suspect in three other rapes.

About 1,000 people held a protest march where the rape took place, to condemn violence against women as a major problem in the country.

Inequality from birth in N Korea

IN the supposed workers' paradise of North Korea, inequality is assigned at birth, a study by a US-based human rights group says.

Education, jobs, access to scarce food and health care, and even whom you marry, all hinge on how loyal your forebears are viewed to have been to the Kim dynasty that took power six decades ago.

The study by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea says all adults are categorised as one of three classes: loyal, wavering or hostile.

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