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'Attack on wife' really a dance

A Turkish man accused of hitting, kicking and choking his wife told a New Zealand court they were in fact performing a traditional dance to celebrate a profitable shift at their kebab shop.

Allaetin Can and his wife Elwis said they were dancing the kolbasti, which involves energetic movements, when a passer-by phoned police.

Obama steps in on phones

The Obama administration says it will try to broker compromises between the BlackBerry company and governments which say they pose a security risk, worried it might interfere with the work of its diplomats.

Officials from several nations have announced or are contemplating bans on BlackBerry features because it is difficult for authorities to monitor illegal activity.

Poker winner banned himself

A man who won nearly €33,700 playing poker in Auckland, New Zealand, was refused the jackpot -- because he had banned himself from the casino for gambling too much.

A "gutted" Sothea Sinn (28), who said he thought the ban had expired, is now taking his case to the New Zealand gambling authorities.