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Attack convict will keep his bumper quiz show prize

THE first £1m (¤1.1m) winner of Simon Cowell's gameshow Red Or Black?, who was reportedly jailed for beating up a woman, will keep his prize.

The news came as ITV said it would be tightening background checks on contestants following the controversial win by Nathan Hageman.

The bricklayer (31) was initially reported to have been jailed for attacking his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend, but it has since been revealed that he attacked a woman, thought to be his ex-partner.

There has been pressure on the broadcaster to strip Mr Hageman of his win, but a source close to the show confirmed he will be paid the cash.

In a statement an ITV spokesman said: "ITV and Syco (Cowell's production company) have made thorough inquiries into Nathan Hageman's participation on Red or Black? Whilst producers were aware that Nathan had served a prison sentence for assault they were not fully aware of facts which have since emerged.

"As a result of this ITV is reviewing the background checks on all remaining contestants in the show."

ITV knew about Mr Hageman's five-year jail term, of which he served two and a half years, but it is thought that they did not know the victim was a woman.

Mr Hageman previously told journalists that he attacked a male victim after he started getting threatening calls.

"I tried to brush it off but he kept saying he was going to harm me. One night he told me my address and said he was going to come round and batter me in front of my mum and niece Mya, who was only about two," he told reporters.

He said: "I was an idiot for doing it, but that's the state of mind I was in."