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ATM skimmer avoids prison

A man who was caught trying to steal money from an ATM when two gardai went to use the cash machine has received a suspended sentence.

Razvan Stefanescu (26) was arrested along with a co-accused while standing near ATM -- they had just fitted it with a device for taking the cash.

Stefanescu, with a previous address of Maple Glen, Castleknock, and originally from Romania, pleaded guilty to the attempted theft on March 17, 2011, at Permanent TSB, Pembroke Street, Dublin.

Judge Nolan suspended a sentence of two years, noting that Stefanescu had no previous convictions.

Haiti protests over birth certs

DOZENS of Dominicans of Haitian descent protested in front of the electoral commission to demand birth certificates and ID cards they say the government has long denied them.

Protesters said they have a right to the documents because they were born in the Dominican Republic to Haitian migrants, but the government has argued that many migrants submitted fake documents to obtain Dominican nationality for their children.

Killer waves destroy ferry

Massive waves sank a boat in the southwestern Philippines, killing at least two people and leaving 10 missing.

Rescuers have been searching for 80 more fishermen after monsoon rains inundated southern villages.

The boat sank shortly before reaching El Nido.

One of the passengers managed to contact the coast guard and 22 people were rescued while 10 others are still missing. A child and an elderly person drowned.

Cuba under fire for beating

US officials and an island human rights advocate have condemned the alleged beating and detention of a Cuban dissident days after he testified by video before a Senate subcommittee about harassment of the opposition in his homeland.

Senator John Kerry, denounced the beating of Jorge Luis Garcia Perez, and accused Cuba of targeting him for his testimony.