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At the height of his gangland power, Eamon Dunne laughs with pals at a fight. Four months later his two pals would carry his coffin

It's December 2009 and psychopath Eamon Dunne is at the height of his power.

Being tailed by the gardai and circled by vengeful mobsters, Dunne makes a rare venture out of his own turf to watch a Matthew Macklin fight (far right) at Dublin's National Stadium.

The Don's ticket is even supplied by the very man who would order his execution just weeks later.

Christy Kinahan, the drugslord who wholesales drugs to most Irish gangs, organised for up to 50 of gangster clients to attend the fight.

Dunne (left, centre) attends with two of his closest associates -- Brain O'Reilly, from Ballymun, and Mark Buckley, from Cabra.

Our photo shows the trio sharing a joke as the action unfolds in front of them.

But it's one of the last big nights the associates would enjoy out together.

Four months later Eamon Dunne is dead. Assassinated in a clinic fashion in a packed Cabra pub. The hit was sanctioned by his old buddy, Kinahan. Nobody is ever caught.

Kinahan, from the luxury of Marbella hideaway, deemed The Don's reckless cocaine-crazed behaviour had gone too far. O'Reilly and Buckley would both carry the Don's coffin at his funeral 10 days later.

And his pals from the big boxing night haven't fared well either.

In August 2010, O'Reilly was lucky to escape with his life when he was shot in the face in a Co Meath pub - a target of the Real IRA


The shooting made him increasingly paranoid, to the point he went to the High Court in December to bizarrely complain gardai were in collusion with crime journalists to set him up to be murdered.

The other man in our photo -- Mark Buckley -- does not have the same high profile but has also endured a terrible time since the photo was taken.

"He was very close to The Don and took the murder very bad," confided a source.