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At least 39 die in ferry crash

At least 39 people have died in a sea accident in the Philippines, coast guard officials said.

Cebu Governor Hilario Davide III said 751 passengers and crew of the Thomas Aquinas have been rescued following the accident, which happened 57km south of Manila, while more than 80 people were missing. Coastguard chief Commodore William Melad said there were 870 people on the ferry.

Coast guard deputy chief Luis Tuason said some of the missing could still be trapped in the sunken ferry.

Transport secretary Joseph Abaya said a cargo ship was leaving the Cebu pier when it smashed into the ferry.


Two separate bomb attacks in commercial areas of predominantly Sunni neighbourhoods of Baghdad have killed at least four civilians.

A police officer said the first bomb exploded during rush hour in the Amiriyah neighbourhood, killing two pedestrians and wounding nine others. A roadside bomb went off in nearby Khadra neighbourhood, killing two civilians and wounding eight.


President Barack Obama hit the links on his Martha's Vineyard vacation with comedian Larry David.

Obama played five hours of golf on Saturday with the Curb Your Enthusiasm star, former US trade representative Ron Kirk and businessman Glenn Hutchins.

Obama spent a couple hours on Saturday morning with his wife and daughters on a private beach. He kept a low profile during his stay and spent most days golfing.


A PARKING meter mechanic has been jailed for two-and-a-half years for stealing $210,000 (€157,000) worth of quarters over eight years.

James Bagarozzo (58), from New York, blamed a gambling addiction and an illness he believed would kill him before he built a nest egg for his family. From 2003 to 2011, rather than fix the machines, he broke them so that quarters would collect on top where he could grab them.