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Asperger teen bailed for drugs

A boy with Asperger Syndrome has been remanded on continuing bail pending sentence for selling heroin to an undercover garda and crashing a stolen car.

The teenager (15) has already pleaded guilty to selling heroin to an undercover garda, which occurred in west Dublin on two successive dates in March 2008, when he was aged 13.

Yesterday he also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and two counts of careless driving of a stolen car, in west Dublin on a date last November.

Airlines suffer biggest losses

Airlines suffered the worst-ever fall in passenger demand in 2009, hampering their chances of early recovery and making another year of heavy losses more likely, an industry group said. Passenger demand dropped 3.5pc last year, with companies struggling to fill more than three quarters of available seats on average flights, the International Air Transport Association said.

Oz warns Japan over whaling

Australia's prime minister has set a November deadline for Japan to stop its research whaling programme that kills hundreds of the creatures every year in Antarctic waters, or face legal action. Prime minister Kevin Rudd said Australia would prefer to use diplomatic means to persuade Japan to end its hunt.