| 18.4°C Dublin

...as weathermen warn it will fall as low as -11

The Arctic weather is set to continue into next week with bitterly cold easterly winds and a danger of further snow showers.

That was the forecast from Met Eireann today who said temperatures in one station in Carlow last night dropped to -12C.

Although the threat of heavy snow showers has receded, a forecaster said the winds from the east and north east were not good news for Dublin and the east of the country.

"The weather is coming straight down from the Arctic, but it looks like it will be more like Scandinavian than Siberian weather over the next few days. There is no sign of milder weather on the way," the forecaster said.

Tonight 07/01/2010

Eastern coasts may get a few snow showers later tonight with temperatures falling to -11C and severe or very severe ground frost, together with some freezing fog.

Tomorrow 08/01/2010

Occasional snow showers will hit eastern coastal counties including Dublin, but the rest of the country will be dry with sunny spells. Winds light-to-moderate, northeasterly. It will stay bitterly cold, with frost, ice and patches of freezing fog. More snow due for eastern counties at night with occasional showers, widespread ice and freezing fog.

Saturday 09/01/2010

Dublin and eastern coastal counties will have further wintry showers during the day, many of them falling as snow inland. Other areas will be dry with sunny spells but extensive frost and ice will persist with local fog. Saturday night will see little change, but severe ground frost will return, and “ice and freezing fog patches will be an ongoing problem”.

Sunday 10/01/10

Some wintry showers for the east coast and perhaps part of the north coast. Some thawing in eastern areas in the day but most places will stay bitterly cold. Wintry showers again overnight in eastern counties with snow accumulating in places. Longer outbreaks of rain, sleet and perhaps snow will develop in coastal counties of the south.