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Artist thanks hospital with gift of s10k painting

A FORMER patient of a Dublin hospital has donated a €10,000 painting as a token of thanks to hospital staff.

Professional artist Ross Eccles (73) spent seven days in Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, last November when he suffered serious internal bleeding and a ruptured colon.

The artist spent several days in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit and feared his life was in serious danger.


"It just suddenly happened one day and I was rushed into hospital. I had fairly serious internal bleeding just out of the blue -- it could happen to anyone over 45.

"When you have something like that, you wonder what's going to happen, and you don't know how long you've got. I felt that the hospital was extremely good to me and I noticed it was a big new building with very little art in it."

Ross, who is a retired architect, has already donated another painting, Liffey Bridges, a 2007 acrylic painting worth about €2,400, to the Laurel ward, where he was treated last year.

But he felt his painting Hill City, which is painted on 12 canvases, would be suitable for the hospital foyer, and he will present it officially to the hospital next September 24.

"I travel around quite a bit, and I was in my American mode (when I painted it). The painting could be Chicago, San Francisco, New York. Really, it's high-rise buildings.

"You see the buildings and the tower blocks, and it's the spirit of a high-rise city.

"It has been on gallery exhibitions but I offered it to the hospital, and I thought it would be very good to put it in the main foyer. I thought it would be ideal."


Meanwhile, Ross's daughter, Dawn, who works as his representative, said the work will be donated on permanent loan.

"All the staff, nurses and doctors are really pleased with it. So many people who go through there are having a stressful day, and maybe this painting will help them feel good," she said.

Hill City was painted in 2008 and is valued at ?10,000.